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Zimmermann & de Perrot: Chouf Ouchouf
Saturday 21/8 - Monday 23/8
This new circus performance invites us to confront our fears, to face up to difference.
Jacques Tati
Wednesday 25/8 - Saturday 18/9
A retrospective of the classic French film director.
Les Colporteurs: Le fil sous la neige
10 shows starting from wednesday 25/8
The atmosphere is thick with excitement as the tightrope walkers of this French troupe defy gravity.
Lähtekäämme metsään - a concert for children of all ages
Sunday 29/8 at 16
This year marks 80 years since the recording of the first-ever Finnish children's music album.
Fully booked
Kuuma Ankanpoikanen: Likinäköinen prinsessa ja muita kehyskertomuksia
Friday 3/9 - Sunday 5/9
In this topsy-turvy play, an art exhibition comes alive.
Théâtre d'illusia: Saaban kuningatar
Friday 3/9 - Sunday 5/9
A royal love affair in Jerusalem changes the course of history!