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Saturday, August 28 2010

Finnish case
18 shows starting from saturday 28/8
Katselmus suomalaisen teatterin kärkiproduktioihin.
Peter von Bagh: Mikko Niskanen - ohjaaja matkalla ihmiseksi
Saturday 28/8 at 14
Peter von Bagh's new documentary on the life and works of Finnish film director Mikko Niskanen.
Mikko Roiha: Vincent river (premiere)
Saturday 28/8 at 18 and monday 30/8 at 18
Näytelmä asenteiden murtumisesta ja muutoksesta - rakkaudesta, joka on otettu pois.
Circo Aereo: Ro-pu
6 shows starting from saturday 28/8
A fascinating contemporary circus showcase, making its debut at Helsinki Festival.
Deborah Hay: Lightening
7 shows starting from saturday 28/8
The American modern dance icon has teamed up with a group of Finnish dancers to create her latest production.
Les Colporteurs: Le fil sous la neige
10 shows starting from saturday 28/8
The atmosphere is thick with excitement as the tightrope walkers of this French troupe defy gravity.
Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar AUTHENTIC Tour 2010
Saturday 28/8 at 19
Violins screech and horns blare as the uncrowned king of Balkan disco rolls into town with an entire orchestra in tow.
Vesa Tapio Valo: 7 veljestä
Saturday 28/8 - Friday 27/8
Vesa Tapio Valo tarjoaa uudenlaisen näkemyksen Aleksis Kiven Seitsemään veljekseen.
Juha Luukkonen: Kahdeksan surmanluotia
Saturday 28/8 at 20 and friday 27/8 at 20
Lävistävän rehellinen esitys murheellisten laulujen maasta.
Art Goes Kapakka
Thursday 19/8 - Saturday 28/8
Let the arts get under your skin!
Icelandic Love Corporation: Tight
Friday 20/8 - Monday 4/10
This Icelandic trio’s work draws on their own brand of humorous and urbane irony.
Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves
Saturday 21/8 - Sunday 10/10
Massive in scale, this London-based artist’s new nine-screen film installation weaves together an epic tale of China.
Finnish Baroque Orchestra: The House Music series
Saturday 21/8 - Sunday 5/9
Top Finnish musicians take the music back into the home as Helsinki's locals open their doors to music fans, both old and new.
Luchino Visconti
Tuesday 24/8 - Sunday 26/9
This year, Helsinki Festival will be showcasing this Italian auteur’s entire oeuvre.
Jacques Tati
Wednesday 25/8 - Saturday 18/9
A retrospective of the classic French film director.
Viapori Jazz
Wednesday 25/8 - Saturday 28/8
Brand new jazz with real heart on Helsinki’s stunning Suomenlinna island.
Poetry Moon
Thursday 26/8 - Wednesday 1/9
Beguiling poetry à la Paris!
Media Facades 2010 Helsinki
Friday 27/8 - Sunday 5/9
A festival of media art and urban screens that takes over public space.