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Theater, dance, circus

Agnius Jankevičius: Two Poor Romanians, Speaking LT
Thursday 19/8 at 18 and friday 20/8 at 18
This black comedy speaks of European intolerance and social inequity.
Grzegorz Jarzyna: No matter how hard we tried
Thursday 19/8 at 20 and friday 20/8 at 20
This play gives voice to the generations traumatised by the process of europeanisation.
Deborah Hay: Lightening
7 shows starting from friday 20/8
The American modern dance icon has teamed up with a group of Finnish dancers to create her latest production.
Wunderbaum: Beertourist
Friday 20/8 - Sunday 22/8
A highly physical performance in the uncouth pub comedy tradition.
Zimmermann & de Perrot: Chouf Ouchouf
Saturday 21/8 - Monday 23/8
This new circus performance invites us to confront our fears, to face up to difference.
Tim Etchells & Forced Entertainment: Void Story
Saturday 21/8 - Sunday 22/8
This collage play paints a bleak and comical portrait of contemporary culture.
Tim Etchells & Victoria: That Night Follows Day
Saturday 21/8 at 20 and sunday 22/8 at 20
On stage, sixteen eight- to fourteen-year-olds challenge the audience to open their eyes.
Gintersdorfer/Klaßen: Othello c’est qui
Monday 23/8 - Wednesday 25/8
This German double act have written a dialogue based on Shakespeare's Othello for a Finnish and an African-born actor.
Andrey Moguchy: The Gardeners
Tuesday 24/8 at 20 and wednesday 25/8 at 20
Gardeners hide in a world of make believe, trying to forget the past and prepare for what lies ahead.
Psilicone Theatre: Mrs. STRANGLED AND Mr. SHOT
Tuesday 24/8 at 20 and wednesday 25/8 at 20
This audiovisual crime story stars miniature silicon puppets performing via video projection.
Les Colporteurs: Le fil sous la neige
10 shows starting from wednesday 25/8
The atmosphere is thick with excitement as the tightrope walkers of this French troupe defy gravity.
Finnish case
Thursday 26/8 - Tuesday 31/8
Katselmus suomalaisen teatterin kärkiproduktioihin.
Circo Aereo: Ro-pu
6 shows starting from thursday 26/8
A fascinating contemporary circus showcase, making its debut at Helsinki Festival.
New International Encounter: Everything Falls Apart
Sunday 29/8 - Monday 30/8
This is the story of two boys, smuggled to England in search of a better life.
les ballets C de la B, Alain Platel: Out of Context – for Pina
Sunday 29/8 at 19 and monday 30/8 at 19
This world-renowned choreographer distills movement to its very essence.
Grupo de Rua, Bruno Beltrão: H3
Tuesday 31/8 - Thursday 2/9
This up-and-coming Brazilian choreographer is re-defining hiphop's very nature.
Tim Crouch: The Author
Wednesday 1/9 at 18 and thursday 2/9 at 18
Shocking, surprising, repulsive, even, violent imagery invites us to bear witness to the horrors of our stage-managed world.
Enda Walsh: Penelope
Wednesday 1/9 - Thursday 2/9
Irish theatre's finest bring to us a hilarious retelling of the life of Odysseus' wife Penelope.
Carl Knif: Hologram Walls
Thursday 2/9 - Sunday 5/9
This Helsinki Festival commission takes the form of a poem or a dream.
Kuuma Ankanpoikanen: Likinäköinen prinsessa ja muita kehyskertomuksia
Friday 3/9 - Sunday 5/9
In this topsy-turvy play, an art exhibition comes alive.
Théâtre d'illusia: Saaban kuningatar
Friday 3/9 - Sunday 5/9
A royal love affair in Jerusalem changes the course of history!
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Jérôme Bel & Ictus: 3Abschied
Sunday 5/9 at 15
A provocative and intelligent, yet touching and humorous piece by these two highly original artists.